Over time from normal usage it is recommended that your sauna should be properly serviced and cleaned. Due to the natural heat and humidity of a sauna, the problem of undesirable mold and mildew will occur. It is recommended that a deep cleansing be done every couple of years to prevent such growth, and yearly in a commercially used sauna.

Pembroke Pines YouFit Health Club. Full restoration of the men's and women's saunas, sanding all walls and ceilings. Installed all new heaters, along with custom built arm rests, benches, and skirts. Finished with Dri-Deck flooring.

Sunrise YouFit Health Club. The benches were completely rebuilt, along with a custom skirt. We also removed the old wooden floor and added the new Dri-Deck flooring, which is perfect for commercial use.

Trump Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida.